The Douglas Mottram Range at Norman Cross

Information about the Douglas Mottram Range at Norman Cross in Peterborough.

This is the Cambridgeshire County Range.

The range has 32 firing points, 16 at 50mts and 16 at 100yds.

There is plenty of parking, a nice big Club Room with seating, scoring room, toilets and kitchen.

There is a porta cabin which can be used by those attending the range, to prepare and clean their equipment.

Through the year Clubs and Individuals use the range to shoot league cards.

The CTSA holds several Open meetings through the year, three of these are on Gehmann Style target changer Boxes. Benchrest shooting is also included in all the open meetings. Light refreshments are available including home made cakes.

Hereward Field Target Club and CPSRC can be found using the range most Saturdays.